The Best Burgers in Saudi Arabia at ‘Section-B’ – Riyadh / Jeddah

This place was packed to full capacity when I got here and oh boy this was no small queue. I had to find a seat at the sharing table but after driving all that way, I wasn’t about to return on an empty stomach. ‘Section-b’ is a saudi based and very popular burger joint so it didn’t come as a surprise to find it crowded.


I ordered the “C Burger” (SR. 34), which is a deep fried chicken breast, served on soft brown burger buns with butter, pickles, spring onions, radish, crispy slaw and a spicy mayo sauce that wasn’t really spicy (Please use Sriracha).


The burger is exceptionally good and worth every bit that I paid for it. The chicken is super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I absolutely hate dry burgers but this one was spot on with the slaw and sauces (no drip) 😍.
If you live in Riyadh and are yet to check this place out, stop wasting time and head to @sectionb_sa.

P.S. Didn’t like the coleslaw with Vinegar.

Section B – Jeddah

The last time I visited @sectionb_sa was almost a year ago on a trip to Riyadh and the place left a lasting impression thanks to that delicious ‘C Burger’.

This time, my mates and I decided to visit the Jeddah branch for dinner. The menu is still the same, and I had pretty high expectations for the burger I ordered. The ‘A Burger’ is expensive at SR. 83 with the mini version (which is really small) coming at a cool SR 45. I ordered the ‘Sweet Fries’ to go with my meal (You don’t get fries with your burger) and a ‘Diet Coke’.

Check out that ‘Medium Rare’ center.

The wait was worth it. I had asked for my Prime Rib patty to be cooked medium well with the burger cut in half and I’m glad to say the chef had pulled it off with the patty slightly pink in center. I prefer burgers this way since the patty is extra moist at medium well.

Perfect seasoning, oozing cheddar, the slight bitterness of the arugula and that out of this world ‘Onion-Bacon Marmalade’ really took the encounter to a whole new level. 

I still have beef with @sectionb_sa though. When are they opening an outlet in the ‘Eastern Province’?

Riyadh Location:

Jeddah Location:

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