Home Cooked Kodava Cuisine at ‘Tiger Tiger Restaurant’ – Madikeri, Coorg

“Tiger Tiger” came highly recommended on @googlemaps as one of the top restaurants in Madikeri serving authentic “Kodava” cuisine. A bit tricky to spot from the main road, we had to wait till 1pm for the opening (Google Maps says 12.30). We were greeted by the friendly host and we chose to sit outdoors to make best of the good weather.

“Pandhi Bhartad” or “Pork Fry”

We ordered a few items of their menu, from the starters to the main course.
For starters, we ordered the “Pandhi Bhartad” (Rs.160) which was Pork fry with Onions, ginger, garlic and green chilli and “Chicken Cutlets (2pcs)” (Rs. 100). The wifey didn’t enjoy the pork fry and I would say it wasn’t their best attempt but I did quite enjoy the rustic flavour thanks to the Kodava spices that they used, but the meat could have been a bit more tender.

“Chicken Cutlets”

The cutlets tasted really good but I would have liked it a little firmer.

“Pandhi Curry” (Pork Curry)

For the main course, we went for the non-veg combos. I ordered the “Ghee Rice & Dark Pork Curry combo (Rs.250) while @sareekaasok went for the “Chicken Combo” with Otti, Paputtu & Skadambuttu(Rs.250). While the Ghee rice and pork curry combination was outstanding thanks to the fatty pieces of belly pork and the thick spiced gravy accompanying it. It was cooked to melt in my mouth and my wife made sure to steal a few pieces from my plate.

“Koli Curry” (Chicken Curry)

The chicken curry and roti combo was just about ok and the Otti tasted way better with the pork curry.


The Cons? It took an hour for the food to arrive and they completely forgot about the cutlet we had ordered. Other than that, the experience was rewarding.

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Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wKpZMM2zJBzX7QAp6

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