Traditional Coorg Food at “Coorg Cuisine Restaurant” at Madikeri, Coorg

There is a “Golden Rule” that I follow when it comes to trying out new cuisines on my adventures. Food is the best way to get a real feel of the local culture and Kodava cuisine features one of my personal favourites, “PORK“.

“Pork & Bamboo Shoot Curry”

“Coorg Cuisine” came highly recommended on @googlemaps with people rating them highly for their home cooked food. They have a pretty small setup and you can expect to wait a while to be seated.

“Akki Otti”

Starved, we ordered a few things off their menu. For the main course, “Akki Otti” (Plain & Crisp Rice Roti) – ₹25 each, “Nool Puttu” (Plain Rice Noodles) – ₹50 per plate, “Pork & Bamboo Shoot Curry” (Seasonal) – ₹185, “Koli Curry” (Chicken Curry) – ₹160, “Meen Barthadh” (Fish Fry – Seasonal Prices) and “Chorange Rasa Soda” (Fresh Lime Soda) – ₹40.

“Koli Curry”

“The Pork & Bamboo Shoots Curry” was the highlight of the meal with its delicious tender cuts of belly pork sauteed with bamboo shoots in traditional Coorg spices that really brought out the flavour of the meat. The Nool Puttu was a great combination with the pork and it would have worked really well with some rice too.

“Fish Fry” (Seasonal)

The “Koli Curry” was clearly a miss for being too watered down for my liking and bits of shredded coconut that I didn’t quite like. The fish was really good and I could have easily eaten a few more slices. The Otti goes well with curries so no complaints there.

“Nool Puttu”

I wholly recommend this joint for their pork dishes, but if you aren’t a big fan of pork, then there is mutton and chicken too. Get here early if you want to eat on time.
P.S. – They have Pork & Bamboo Shoots pickle for sale and I can tell you the “Pork Pickle” – ₹400 (500ml) was out of this world. #FoodwithShayne

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