Traditional Bahraini Breakfast at ‘Emmawash Traditional Restaurant’ – Bahrain

I have had @emmawash_bh saved in my list of restaurants to visit in Bahrain for the longest time, stretching back over 5 years but it was only this weekend that I finally got myself to visit this place. I was told that they had relocated to Budaiya, so Nabeel and I headed out to get some traditional Bahraini breakfast.


The seating can be quite uncomfortable if you stay seated for too long but adds to the overall charm of the establishment. You are given a menu where you tick off dishes you would like to order and not knowing what was good here, I went ahead and selected a few dishes off the list.

‘Scrambled Eggs with Cheese’ (BD 1.300), ‘Tikka Fried’ (BD 1.600), ‘Chicken Liver’ (BD 1.300), ‘Qeema’ (BD 1.400), ‘Karak Tea Pot’ (BD 1.500) and ‘Brown Bread’ (BD 0.200) and we were pretty much ready to dig in once the order was placed.

‘Tikka Fried’ – My personal favourite at ‘Emmawash’

We dove straight in and pretty much straight away knew ‘Tikka Fried’ had to be the best tasting dish of the lot. Little pieces of grilled meat (tikka) fried together with onions, bits of succulent lamb fat, potatoes and brought together with subtle spices, this was both unique and mouth watering. The meat was tender but the fat really added a lot of flavour to the dish.

‘Chicken Liver’

The ‘Chicken Liver’ was the next best thing here with the liver cooked till tender and also covered in flavourful spices, potatoes and tomatoes and quite light on the stomach. A lot of places tend to use excessive oil when it comes to cooking chicken liver but this just right. It went well with the brown bread and I got to eat it all by myself since Nabeel wasn’t a huge fan.

‘The Scrambled Eggs with Cheese’ was quite bland and the cheese hadn’t really melted in with the eggs. There was absolutely no salt and overall we could have avoided this dish. The ‘Qeema’ too had no salt and the tomatoes made it a little sour but the dish had some subtle flavour and it was pretty evident it was missing something. I wouldn’t recommend the eggs and the qeema and suggest you try something else or ask for a recommendation if you plan on visiting.

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‘Karak Tea’

The ‘Karak’ was really good and we washed down a few glasses before calling it quits. The bill came to a total of BD 7.700 which is quite affordable for 2 people considering we were pretty much stuffed by the end of it.


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