Traditional Gulf & Saudi Cuisine at ‘Oah Yamal’ – Khobar

‘Oah Yamal Restaurant’ (@oahyamal) is a classic style restaurant like no other, focusing on cuisines from the different regions of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. From the western region of Hejaz to the eastern province, their carefully curated menu is a great way to experience Saudi food. The inclusion of dishes originating from the gulf makes this restaurant a must visit heritage hotspot in Khobar.

With the cool winter weather in play, I would recommend you occupy the seating in the open courtyard. The staff are quite friendly and ‘Shoaib’ is the person to ask for if you’d like some quality service. 

We needed food to feed all 5 of us and were quite hungry by the time we settled down. The food didn’t take too long thankfully and we got down to the serious business of eating. 


1. ‘Lamb Agross’ (SR. 26) – This cutlet of sorts didn’t taste quite like lamb but more like a potato agross with a hint of meat. For the price, it was a bit of a waste and I wouldn’t recommend this.

2. ‘Bahraini Kebab’ (SR.18) – This veggie snack prepared with chickpea flour and green leaves (not sure what leaves) and seasoned with curry spices was delicate and tasty but could have better with a bit more salt. It was a little oily but that is no surprise.

Main Course

1. Prawn Majbos’ (SR. 64) – This aromatic rice dish is a gulf special that is cooked with shrimps and spices and comes with a generous serving of prawns. The quantity can serve 2 people at most, or 1 person if you aren’t on a diet.

2. Sayd Oah Yamal’ (3-4 Persons – SR. 180) – I love how flavourful the Mashkoul rice can be and for this seafood platter, the rice was just about perfect. The Sherry fish had a decent amount of seasoning that really seemed to give the fish an edge. The Kanad too was fried to perfection and a great combination with the warm and soft rice. The prawns though felt a bit overdone and I didn’t enjoy it as much. There could have been a bit more rice and it is good enough for 2-3 people.

I plan on trying the fish dishes on my next visit especially the ‘Fish Mashkoul’ and ‘Fish Matfiah’. Thank you for treating us to this wonderful meal Joystan & Elma.  

Have you tried this restaurant out yet and what did you think of this place? Comment below!

You can also check out their menu online:


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