Seafood & Mahmous at ‘Jawadi Restaurant’ – Qatif

‘Mahmous’ is an Arabic rice dish local to the Qatif & Tarout area and when I wanted to know more about how it was prepared, my colleague recommended I try @jawadi1 restaurant in Qatif.

‘Mahmous’ gets it colour from caramalised onions which substituted meat and chicken and was a staple of the region. Though it was mostly prepared during Ashura, you can find this rice at quite a few restaurants in Qatif.

Mahmous Rice and Fried Hamour
‘Mahmous Rice’ with ‘Fried Hamour’

‘Jawadi Restaurant’ is known for its seafood and you’ll find combinations such as ‘Mahmous & Kanad’ and ‘Mahmous and Hamour’ with the fish complimenting the rice quite well. On it’s own, the rice isn’t the most flavour packed.

We ordered,
‘Mahmous with Hamour’- SR. 49
‘Prawn Kabsa’ – SR. 49
‘Grilled Aroosa’ ( 1 1/2 KG) – SR. 68

Fried Hamour
Fried Hamour’ is extremely satisfying and a real bargain.

Without the fish, Mahmous is extremely subtle though I enjoyed this more than the Sayadiyah rice. The Hamour comes fried and is quite delicate and packing a ton of flavour. I would love to know what they are marinating the fish with.

Prawn Kabsa
The heavenly ‘Prawn Kabsa’

The highlight of the evening had to be the ‘Prawn Kabsa’. I haven’t had this much flavour from a prawn and rice based dish and these guys really pulled it off. The rice had absorbed the richness of the prawn gravy and it was so tasty that we ordered another plate.

The ‘Grilled Aroosa’ was a bargain for SR. 68. Getting it right and not overcooking the fish is a feat they accomplished quite successfully. We were already quite full at this point but wasted no time in wiping the bones clean of any flesh.

Jawadi is a must visit if you are in Qatif and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Location: Jawadi Restaurant
+966 54 611 9908

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