A Steakhouse worth visiting in Al-Khobar – ‘THERMO’

I have been wanting to visit ‘Thermo Steakhouse’ ever since they opened their doors in 2020 but just couldn’t find the time to do it. That changed last week when they sent me an invite for a dine-in experience that included a live performance by @volha_the_violinist. 


Located in ‘Villaggio Restaurant Village’ @villaggiosa, this place has an ambience that is quite unique thanks to the amazing musical fountain in the Villaggio complex that adds to the mood. They also have outdoor seating right next to the fountain that would make this steakhouse the place to dine during winter. 

They had set a course for us to try out and this is what they brought out.

  1. ‘Mushroom Arancini’ – SR. 35
  2. ‘Samba Shrimp’ – SR. 55
  3. ‘Smoked Green Salad’ – SR. 35
  4. ‘Filet Mignon’ (200 gms) – SR. 209
  5. ‘Mushroom Steak’ – SR. 99
  6. ‘Thermo Brisket’ – SR. 89
  7. ‘Classic Burger’ – SR. 56
  8. ‘Brownie Tower’ – SR. 79
  9. ‘Red Berries Mojito’ – SR. 35
  10. ‘Saudi Champagne Pitcher’ – SR. 59

The ‘Mushroom Arancini’ was my favourite of the two starters they served. These porcini mushroom risotto balls are fried and served with their special aioli and the cheese inside makes it a delicious creamy snack. 

The ‘Samba Shrimp’ is a lightly marinated shrimp snack served on a crispy wafer chip and topped with pineapple pico de gallo. It is quite bland on its own but adding a squeeze of lime really brings out the flavours here. 

The ‘Smoked Green Salad’ makes for a healthy snack and the combination of greens, feta cheese, toasted almonds and pomegranate seeds works well together. 

Moving on to the steaks, The ‘Filet Mignon’ is the priciest of the lot at SR. 209. The cut of meat is tender and seasoned perfectly leaving a satisfying crust on the outside while the meat retains its succulence. The side of roasted vegetables is perfectly charred to add more depth to the steak. The mushroom sauce that comes with the steak is a winner!

The ‘Mushroom Steak’ doesn’t need much of an explanation. The rich and creamy mushroom sauce is so flavourful and fragrant that I could have done with a few more servings and adding this to tenderised steak slices makes this dish really stand out. Coupled with their creamy mashed potatoes, this is my second favourite recommendation.

The ‘Thermo Brisket’ had to be my personal favourite. Though not as moist as I expected, this BBQ sauce slathered cut of meat with tender chunks of fat that absolutely melts in your mouth was outstanding. It comes with an average tasting coleslaw and a decadent mac n cheese that makes this dish absolute value for money. 

The ‘Classic Burger’ seems to be quite popular with the guests here and I only had to take a bite to understand why. The smashed burger has generous amounts of cheddar cheese that seasons the meat well and also comes with pickles, lettuce and something called ‘Shadow Sauce’. 

The ‘Brownie Tower’ failed to impress. Though it is visually appealing, the ice cream wasn’t creamy and the brownie was a bit too dense. There is nothing wrong with how it tastes though but could have been a lot better.

Out of the two drinks that were served, I would recommend the ‘Saudi Champagne’.

I really enjoyed my evening and so did my friends @nickyphil and @ancel_bernard who joined me to experience the food here. I will let them add their thoughts here. 

Menu: https://qr.finedinemenu.com/thermo-steakhouse-1/menu/6148381ddb3ea60017e22779

Location: https://g.page/thermo-steakhouse?share

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