Trying out Walimah Mandi’s at ‘Al Modyaf’ – Rakah, Al Khobar

Every now and then I hear the cries of sheep somewhere in the distance and I am reminded I am due for a ‘Mandi’ and it so happened I was passing by @modyaf_co in Rakah which I decided to try out for lunch.

I decided to order the ‘Walimah Modyaf’ (SR. 77) that they said would serve one person but turned out it would be good enough for 2. I was very happy to see a sizeable serving of meat that looked very appetizing.

No Mandi is complete without the FAT and this cut of meat had some of the juiciest bits which gives the rice much-needed flavour. Unlike the other Mandi’s I’ve had before, the rice was dry and lacked flavour but they serve enough for 2 which I ended up packing to take home.

It is pricey at SR. 77 but the meat was definitely worth it.


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