Authentic Manglorean Seafood at ‘Machali Kingdom’ – Al Khobar

After being told about this place by numerous followers and friends, I finally decided to try out @machaliksa in Khobar for lunch along with @ancel_bernard. We got there when there wasn’t much of a crowd but by the time we were done with lunch and about to leave, there were quite a few people waiting outside for a table.


We had already made up our minds about what we were going to order thanks to the recommendations I received, so this is what we ordered.

  1. ‘Ghee Prawn Roast’ – SR. 18
  2. ‘King Fish Tawa’ – SR. 17
  3. ‘Crab Masala’ – SR. 20
  4. ‘Ardhak Fish Fry’ – SR. 15
  5. ‘Ghee Rice Meals’ – SR. 9

The ‘Ghee Rice’ meals comes with sides of 2 different types of curry, mango pickle and raita and you can request for extra portions of rice which they do not charge for.

The seafood is exceptional and this Manglorean restaurant has something that is very unique and will definitely have me going back for more.

‘Ghee Prawns Roast’

I am talking about the ‘Ghee Prawns Roast’, a spicy prawn fry cooked entirely with ghee. It is mouth-watering, spicy and rich with all the ghee that they use. Its goes amazingly well with the ghee rice which is why you shouldn’t order the normal rice. This is a must-try if you visit this place.

‘King Fish Tawa’

The ‘King Fish Tawa’ is also outstanding. It might look spicy but the masala is rendered down and a great accompaniment to the fish and rice. The fish has been fried to perfection and the flavours really stand out. We ordered 2 since I did’t want to share.

If you like crab, then the ‘Crab Masala’ is also a great choice. We would have ordered the Ghee Roast version but I didn’t want to have too much Ghee. I will definitely give that version on my next visit.

The restaurant recently added a family section making it more convenient for those who prefer some privacy.


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