A Latin American Restaurant in Kozhikode? – ‘Latin Street’

“I’ll have a ‘Filet Mignon’ Medium Rare please.”

This isn’t something you’d get done right in Kozhikode especially when it comes to how you wanted your steak done.

Served with a side of Bone Marrow?

‘Latin Street’ @latinstreetcalicut is a Latin American restaurant that gets them both right, serving wholesome Mexican food. I must say this is a refreshing change from the usual eateries in Calicut.

The Mojito wasn’t very impressive.

Not everything on the menu is Mexican though and I used the Google Maps pictures to place my order.

1. ‘Chicken Ajio’ (M) – ₹290
2. ‘Filet Mignon’ – ₹270 / 100 gms
3. ‘Cheesy Chicken Fries’ – ₹190
4. ‘Green Apple Mojito’ – ₹160

The ‘Chicken Ajio’ is a garlic and mustard marinated grilled chicken dish but i suspect it has been baked too. The chicken was moist and the flavours worked their way into the meat leaving it flavourful to the last bite. Make sure to add some salsa for that extra zing.

What got me real excited was the ‘Filet Mignon’ cooked to a perfect medium rare and served with a side of bone marrow. The marrow was cooked along with the meat and it was the chef who dropped by to chop the filet. The marrow works well with the meat, adding much needed depth and thanks to the seasoning, the meat was delightful.

If you love fries and cheese, then ‘Cheesy Chicken Fries’ is what you should be ordering. The jalapeños and cheese combination with chunks of chicken is the perfect comfort meal.

We left the place satisfied and I look forward to visiting again.

Location: Latin Street

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