A New Addition to Khobar City Walk – ‘Tenderloin & Co.’

Tenderloin’ has opened up their latest joint in Al Khobar City Walk, bringing their success story all the way from Al Hassa. I was invited to their official launch and as always I will be giving you my unbiased opinion on the experience. 

They pulled out all the stops for the opening we were entertained by @shfqband, an Alt-rock band based in Sharqiyah. We were seated in the dining area upstairs which also includes seating outdoors which would be best suited during the winter. Bikram was our server for the day and offered the set menu to place our order. They also had Burgers but I decided it would be a bit too much. 

  1. Buffalo Wings
  2. Brisket Poutine
  3. Ranch Salad
  4. Tenderloin Skillet
  5. The Rib
  6. The Chocolate Brownie

The ‘Buffalo Wings’ was an absolute winner and you have Hot Sauce, Buffalo Sauce and BBQ Sauce to choose from and I decided to go for the latter. Loved how crispy it was on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. The amount of BBQ sauce that they used did not overpower it. 

The ‘Brisket Poutine’ is just Brisket Fries since there is no poutine without the cheese curds, but this does not take away how good it tasted. The mozzarella cheese works well to bring it all together and the gravy had a lot of flavour. Don’t wait too long to eat this since waiting too long could dry out the brisket. 

The ‘Ranch Salad’ is nice but the portion is quite small and it’s not a great idea to order a salad when you are at a steakhouse.

The ‘Tenderloin Skillet’ had to be my favourite order of the night. I made sure to ask for Medium rare because anything more than that does no justice to the meat. They definitely got it spot on and the meat is complemented by the garlic butter and herbs. The pepper sauce tasted really good too and I loved how the potatoes developed a crust since they came served on a sizzling platter. This is something you must order when you visit ‘Tenderloin’.

The ‘Rib’ was delicate and tasty but unevenly cooked with one side slightly more tender than the other. This does not affect the flavour and the mash they serve alongside is a great accompaniment with hints of garlic. 

The ‘Chocolate Brownie’ is more like a cookie than a brownie and the ice cream and molten chocolate are a nice touch. I would however try one of their other desserts. 

Overall, I had a great experience dining here and the service was exceptional. I would like to thank our server Bikram for his friendly outgoing attitude. I plan on visiting again, but this time during winter.

Menu: https://www.easymenu.site/en/restaurants/Tenderloin_and_Co

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/W55pMzXSj4BBTauh6

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