An Exquisite Mandi worth Celebrating – ‘Zad AlSultan’ – Qatif / Dammam / Khobar / Jubail

Thursdays is my favourite day of the week and for good reason. Apart from being the last day of the week before the weekend, it is also the day my colleagues and I try a new Mandi spot. This has lead me to create the Hashtag #MandiThursdays on Instagram.

Beautiful piece of Lamb cooked to PERFECTION

It had been a while since we last ordered from ‘Zad Al Sultan‘ and they only had a branch in Qatif. They have since expanded and opened new outlets in Khobar, Dammam and Jubail and serve their famous Mandi in different variants.

We ordered,

‘Lahm Mandi with Machboos Rice / Maksous Rice / Biryani Rice’SR. 275 per plate.

Meat served with ‘Maksous Rice’

Now this might seem quite expensive but the quantity and the quality of the food served justifies this price. It can also easily feed 4-5 people and or even more depending on your appetite.

This can easily feed 4-5 people or more…

The Mandi is absolutely delicious and I loved how perfectly caramalised the exterior was. The meat is cushioned with layers of fat, keeping it succulent. The fat really works well in adding flavour to the rice and I must emphasise that the rice too is packed with flavour. We had the Machboos Rice (Yellow in colour), cooked just right and paired with the meat and fat will blow your mind.

‘Mandi Lahm with Biryani Rice’

I have been told that the Maksous rice is also quite good and I plan on trying that next time. This eatery easily falls in the top five spots for a good Mandi in KSA.

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Khobar Branch:
Dammam Branch:
Jubail Branch:

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