Eating Local in Phuket – ‘Briley Chicken and Rice’

Phuket is a wonderful place for a holiday, but with the crowds comes the plastic waste and rubbish, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the FOOD. My trip to Thailand was part inspired by Mark Wiens (@migrationology) and also by the fact that it is the street food capital of the world.

“Hainanese Chicken on Rice”

Briley Chicken Rice had good ratings on @tripadvisor & @foursquare and it was only rational that I give it a go. It was pretty late and they were close to closing for the day but the young lady was very friendly and showed me to my seat. The restaurant isn’t much and is a very native eatery. The menu was a big sign right above the table so I took my time.

All the reviews had recommended the “Hainanese Chicken on Rice” (Phuket has a lot of Chinese influence) that came with a small bowl of clear chicken bone soup (Bone Stock Soup). I also wanted to order the Crispy pork but they had none left so I settled for the “Stewed Pork Leg”.

“Stewed Pork Leg”

The Hainanese Chicken is hard to describe. It felt like it was either steamed or braised in the chicken bone stock but the simple flavour was perfection. The meat was very tender and the rice cooked well and I couldn’t be happier. Absolutely loved the soup but what really caught me off guard was how appetizing the “Stewed Pork Leg” was. The skin was quite gelatinous and the meat was so tender, I could mash it with a spoon. The spices were mild and the herbs accentuated the flavours of the meat. I’m guessing this took a day to cook, because getting a pork leg to fall apart like that is not easy.

Absolutely enjoyed the experience and I hope to visit this place again sometime in the future.


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