Mix Grill Paradise at ‘Ayam Zaman’ in Qatif

As always, deciding on what to eat when you are out with friends is one of the hardest decisions to make. We wanted to try something new, and I had a Keto diet to follow so we decided we should visit a grill joint. That is when I remembered my friend and colleague, Amir Viqar (@mamirviqar) had recommended this joint in Qatif the other day.


“Ayam Zaman” (@ayamzaman.rest) in Qatif Town had good ratings on Google and though that isn’t the best benchmark, we decided to give it a shot. After a long drive, we found the place quite easily and sat down to order. First signs weren’t promising. The restaurant had only one other customer and we put this down to us getting there early.

The next hurdle was the “Menu”. Everything was in Arabic but the waiters were able to assist and what really got me were the prices.


We ordered 3 portions of the “Mix Grill Ayam Zaman” each at SR. 30 and he told us it would come to a total of 21 skewers (7 per portion) of various grilled meats. I wasn’t sure SR. 30 was going to get us that much and expected thin slivers of meat. What came next was a big tray for 21 skewers with lovely juicy bits of grilled meat that took us all by surprise.


The grilled chicken is on a different level here, with both the wings and the kebabs cooked perfectly leaving the insides juicy and tender. The meat kebabs were just as good but the chicken wings/kebabs won the day. I was told just today that you could get these made spicy if you asked the waiter. Looks like we will be going to “Ayam Zaman” again soon!

Thanks a bunch for the recommendation Amir. Great ambiance too!

P.S. – We paid a total of SR. 106 incl. VAT and this included the Garlic Paste & the drinks!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/MvY4Q8wK6DM2

For Families: https://goo.gl/maps/FnSB1HiWvTP2

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