Where to go for “Burgers” in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Burgers were an alien concept to Saudi Arabia, but that changed dramatically with the emergence of fast food joints in the Kingdom. Beginning in the late 80’s, early 90’s to the Burger craze that the citizens of the kingdom are currently experiencing, it has become a household favourite with both kids and adult equally cherishing the opportunity to eat out at a Burger joint.

The Eastern Province is no stranger to this, and in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of burger shops, both local and international opening up in Sharqiya. I have compiled a list of my favourite Burgers haunts in the EP and a surprise entry from Bahrain.



The American Muscle Double is hands down, the best burger they have on their menu. The double beef patty is generous and comes stacked with double gooey cheddar, pickles, their special relish and mustard aioli that really enhances the flavour of the burger. For SR. 39 (ex VAT) it is worth the Riyal you pay for it. You can also order the single patty version for SR. 32 (ex VAT).

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/BLQbYBriudt



The Hook Burger from Salt is a perfect combination of Wagyu Beef, their secret Hook Sauce packed with a little heat, a super creamy cheese sauce, Jalapeno and a very frilly lettuce held in place by butter buns.

The meat and cheese blend was on point and the hook sauce gave it a twist. It is pricey at SR. 37 for the single patty sliders (2 Burgers) and SR. 53 for the double.

Watch out for their Chicken Cheetos Slider too!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/tK8x2b9JtAE2

Crave (Bahrain)

IMG_3892Based in Bahrain, their must have is the “Sugar Glazed Donut Burger”. The Beef Patty is combined with sloppy cheese, Maple drenched bacon and Ketchup all held together in a locally made Sugar glazed donut. Though this fusion of ingredients might sound out of place for some, it is both succulent, delightful and surprising. I would, however, recommend Crave replace the Ketchup with Sriracha to add a bit of heat.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/u5jTF25pJJT2


“The Frankster” caught me completely by surprise. It is featured under their list of “Promo Burgers” and it was an absolute revelation. Served in a Potato bun, the patty is beautifully seasoned and dressed with aged cheddar, warm caramelized onions that intensifies the flavour of the meat and Roco mayo. Based out of South Africa, they are bringing in variety into an ever-changing burger scene. For SR. 40 (ex VAT) there is no room for disappointment.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/96F28BWoF3z

Chick Time


I’m always out and about looking for new and unique eats in the Burger scene and this unassuming eatery has a secret up their sleeve. The Hashi Burger is different from the rest of the pack thanks to its main ingredient, “Camel Meat”. The patties are made fresh, in-house and served with cheddar cheese and lettuce in a soft toasted bun. This might be a fried chicken joint but they know their burgers! Check out my review of their “Spicy Broasted Chicken”.

 Location: https://goo.gl/maps/pPJpgMm7W2N2

The Cuts – Urban Kitchen


I had decided what my “cheat meal” was going to be for the weekend, so I headed to “The Cuts” to try out their “BlackGold” menu. I had already decided on the “Black Gold Burger” (SR.60) well before I got there.

Made with Wagyu beef and topped with fried jalapeños, American cheese & fried mozzarella, matchstick fries, black truffle mayo sauce all packed in a Golden Charcoal Bun and served with a side of fries, this mean #burger was just what I needed. The crunchy fried mozzarella and wagyu beef are a match made in heaven and I spent some time trying not to make a mess of all the cheese. The matchstick fries add a bit more crunch and volume and the truffle mayo compliments an already great burger. The fries are a disappointment though and I would have preferred they topped it with cheese and bacon bits. The lemonade was quite OK but the burger would have been a lot better if I had it with Coke.

Thanks for the complimentary caramel popcorn guys and if you use the “Entertainer App”, you will end up saving quite a bit.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/78ggaLEiLbs


You know you aren’t getting in here without a key, but it looks like they have relaxed that cardinal rule. Popular among the youth, they are always packed and seats are hard to come by so make sure you get there early. That being said, we ordered what was a highly sought-after item, “The Truffle Burger” & reading the description itself was intoxicating. Truffle Infused cured Striploin, wagyu beef patty, truffle ranch, white cheddar and topped with an onion web all housed in their special burger buns made in-house. The patty is delicate and delicious, breaking down without much effort.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/dcnh8b3FQdr

Burger Site


I ordered the “Armenia Beef” after reading the description wondering if the combination of Eggplant, Tahini, Pomegranate Molasses & Roasted Pine would make a good combo.
This burger absolutely hit the spot. Great tasting bun that holds a delicious patty topped with Eggplant, the molasses really spiking the flavour profile and the Tahini balancing it out.
If you are looking for a Burger that tastes different from the other Burger joints in Khobar, then this is the place.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/jRGmbQcPz6k

Army Burger


Army Burger Food Truck is located in the Olaya district of Al Khobar behind Parker’s restaurant. They have a simple menu with around 3 burgers, Fries and 2 sides. I ordered their special “Army Burger” (SR. 23) and Fries (SR.5).

This Burger is my definition of comfort food. A beef patty layered with creamy MacNCheese in a soft bun was both comforting and mouth watering. Though it isn’t filling and the price a little steep, you should definitely be trying out that burger.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CjRWwqssXHBb4qhF9

Carnival Burgers

‘The Crunchy Head’ is an impressive sight and the bun looked weird, like it had been coated in bread crumbs and fried or was that a slab of cheese? Maybe a cheese stuffed bun? It comes cut in half and the cheese pull on this is Instagram worthy. IT WAS DELICIOUS.


The crunchy double cheddar cheese combined with the double Angus beef patty, onions, bacon and sauces was decadent and worth every halala that we paid for it. This burger takes the cake for being both Instagram worthy and mouth-watering at the same time.

‘The Beast’ had a double Angus patty, double cheddar cheese, mozzarella sticks, crispy onion, Ranch and BBQ sauce that took this burger to a whole new level of intense. Both have similar ingredients but taste completely different. I loved the BBQ sauce on the patty and that paired well with the fried onions.

I would totally recommend this joint and if you haven’t tried it yet, now would be a good time.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/3gQnqfAWtACykEEAA

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