Vietnamese Cuisine at ‘Phobidden Fruit Vietnamese Kitchen’ – Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Indiranagar in Bengaluru is known for it’s exceptional food spots and Phobidden Fruit is one of them. My sister @sharonhdas had been eyeing this place for quite a while so we decided to go for it.

Great ambience and a good place to catch up with friends over drinks, we wasted no time ordering enough food to feed a village. 

“Chilli Pork”

“Chilli Pork” came recommended by the waiter and it was worth the wait. Cubes of tender pork belly sauteed with chilli’s, onions, garlic, spring onions and spices and you could see that the fat had absorbed all that gravy. At Rs. 320, it is a little pricey for the quantity they serve. 

“Bo La Lot”

Next, came the “Bo La Lot”, which was cooked beef rolled in a leaf and fried. Not sure what the ingredients were but this was delish too. It was a little spicy from the heat of the chili’s. For Rs. 320, this too is a little pricey.

“Mekong Momos”

“Mekong Momos” wasn’t exceptional but tasted good and the sauce adding much needed flavour. (Rs. 290)


“Kho-Pork” was another pork dish but this time, cooked in soy, garlic, onions, chili and served in gravy. Here too, the belly pork was super tender, delicious and filling and for Rs. 390 it wasn’t a bad deal. 

What came next was totally not worth the money we paid for. The “Beef Pho” was bland, watery and it had no taste to it. 

The other rice and noodle dishes weren’t great either. I would totally recommend their starters but that’s where it ends. I rate this place a 3.5/5. 


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