‘Al Sheesh for Barbecue’ – Al Hira st, Jeddah

You tend to find some of the most astonishing food in places you least expect to and ‘Al Sheesh for Barbecue’ ticked all the right boxes.

My colleague and friend Zeeshan, also a food enthusiast who operates @hungryboyksa had planned on bringing me here for over a week and I can honestly say, this is some of the best grilled food I’ve had in Jeddah.

‘Mix Grill with Rice – 1 Kilo’ – OUTSTANDING.

We ordered the ‘Mix Grill with Rice – 1 Kilo’ (SR.84) and a plate of ‘Awsal’ which Zeeshan insisted on ordering. We also ordered a small plate of Hummus that came dressed in Olive oil and a touch of Sumac.

Zeeshan aka ‘@hungryboyksa’

I was lost for words the moment I bit into the ‘Awsal’. Awsal is chunks of meat that are marinated and grilled on skewers and these were by far some of the best I’ve eaten till date. Tender, a bit of charring that greatly elevated the flavour of the meat and it was beyond exquisite. Paired with the Tahina, I had to stop myself from eating Zeeshan’s share as well.

The mouth-watering ‘Awsal’

‘The Mixed Grill Platter’ didn’t take too long and came served on a bed of rice. Now rice is something that most Turkish joints in Jeddah serve but not a practise followed by restaurants in the Eastern Province. The rice at Fairouz restaurant wasn’t my favourite since I’m not a fan of the huge long grain, but the rice at ‘Al Sheesh’ was just what I was looking for in terms of size and flavour and had soaked up some of the moistness from the grilled meat.

Each and every chunk of meat was an experience and the red meats stood out in terms of texture, savour and the main ingredient, PRICE. The chicken kebabs are worth ordering extra. Great value for money and I cannot say this enough. If you ever visit Jeddah, make sure to visit this place for the ultimate grilled food experience. Follow @foodwithshayne on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

P.S. – Now that there is no segregation, you can visit with your family too. There is no separate family section by the way!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/4MoJtegYKsgqxmFa7

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