Hyderabadi Food at ‘Shimla Hayider Restaurant’, Thoqbah – Khobar

If it hadn’t been for @foodingmyselfaround I would have totally missed out on authentic Hyderabadi food within walking distance of my flat. 

‘Shimla Hayider Restaurant’ first opened over 30 years ago and changed locations over 9 years ago to Makkah street, Thoqbah. 


We headed over for lunch soon after noon prayers since we were told any later and we would miss out on the delicious ‘Mutton Biriyani’. 


We ordered two ‘Mutton Biriyanis’ (SR. 19 each) and a plate of ‘Wheel Kebab Chicken’ (SR. 15). The portions are quite sizeable and the scent of freshly cooked biriyani was stirring. Hyderabadi biriyanis are quite simple and devoid of vegetables. The rice was fragrant and fluffy and I count myself fortunate for landing some chunky pieces of tender juicy mutton. The masala really brought the meat and rice together and by god it was flavoursome. 


The ‘Wheel Kebab Chicken’ was just tiny strips of chicken deep fried in what looked like chilly chicken mix and that too tasted appetising. For all the malls out there, this chicken kebab would be absolutely sublime with some Porotta. 

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/2YG7gHxk8fGVdRBy7

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