A Great Spot for Shawarma’s in Saihat, Qatif – ‘Alyaa Restaurant’

It was on @ixrck recommendation that I decided to try ‘Alyaa Restaurant’ @alia_rest in Saihat for dinner.

The restaurant seems to be a popular spot for the residents in the area and I was told to try their ‘Mixed Shawarma Platter’ and something called ‘Fanshora’.

The ‘Mixed Shawarma Platter’ offers the best of both worlds with sliced chunks of both beef and chicken served with French fries, sliced lettuce and pickles. The chicken was flavour-packed and moist though the beef seemed a little dry making it a bit chewy. The Tahina is a great side for this platter.

The ‘Fanshora’ is something I have never tried before. This thick grilled beef patty has a cheese filled centre and this is best eaten when hot. Letting it get cold will only make it chewy but I love how perfectly seasoned the meat was. You’ll also enjoy pulling long strings of cheese after you have bitten into it.

I had to pack the leftover Shawarma platter because it was a bit too much for me, but this is definitely one place I’ll be stopping by again for some SHAWARMA.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/s7ES1wHnhT7TXJnZ8

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