Calicut Paragon’s ‘M-Grill’ at Focus Mall, Kozhikode

One of my favourite places to dine in Calicut is Paragon’s ‘M-Grill’ @mgrillrestaurant in Focus Mall. I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve visited this place and that has to do with how they have included other international cuisines to the menu here and made it work. From steaks to grills and the usual Porotta and Beef, there is no better place to experience it all in Kozhikode.

The ‘Chutulli Meen’ is from another planet.

This visit I decided to go traditional and ordered,

1. ‘Chutulli Meen’ – Prices as per size
2. ‘Beef Thenga Kothu’ – SR. 250
3. Wheat Porotta

Not many enjoy wheat Porotta and it tends to be a bit drier than the normal porotta that we are all familiar with but I quite enjoy it. Pair this with their ‘Beef Thenga Kothu’ and you are in for a treat.

The ‘Beef’ is prepared like the usual Beef Fry and then rendered down with lots of coconut that enhances the meat and thickens the already delicious gravy into a thick mouthwatering paste. You’ll end up licking your fingers clean just like I did.

The ‘Chutulli Meen’ is from another planet and I have not had anything this appetising in recent memory. The King Fish slice is cooked along with ‘Cheriya Ulli’ (pearl onions) and a host of other spices until it forms a thick paste like consistency and served on top of the fish. I really can’t explain how good that combination tasted and this is definitely something I would recommend to anyone wanting to visit ‘M-Grill’.

Have you visited M-Grill and what do you usually order here?

Location: M Grill – Paragon Group
0495 414 0000

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