Top Grills at ‘Al Deira Grills Restaurant’ – Tarout Island, Qatif

I consider this restaurant in Tarout to be a top contender for the best finds of 2022 and I have to thank Fadi Al Ghamdy for recommending this outstanding grill shop.

Make sure to order everything in one go. A second order could take a while!

‘Al Deira Grills Restaurant’ in the heart of Tarout Island sells their fares by the skewer and with prices starting at SR. 4 per skewer, we were in for an absolute treat trying out almost every single item on the menu. Service is a bit slow and I would recommend ordering everything in one go rather than placing several orders since this can take a while.

This is what we ordered.

1. Awsal (Meat) – SR. 4 (Platter SR. 21)
2. Omani Lemon Tikka – SR. 4 (Platter SR. 21)
3. Hashi Awsal – SR. 5
4. Meat Kebab – SR. 5
5. Chicken Grill – SR. 5
6. Chicken Wings – SR. 5

Out of the lot, the ‘Chicken Wings’ really stand out in terms of flavour and heat and the marinade is quite unique to the other grill restaurants I have visited in the area. This is some top notch wings and I can’t recommend this enough.

My next favourite were the ‘Omani Lemon Tikka’ with its signature black lemon marinade. Most restaurant don’t get this dish right with either the meat being too tough or the marinade being too bitter, but this was spot on and extremely tender.

There is always a smile on my face when there is ‘FOOD’ around.

I would also recommend trying the ‘Hashi Awsal’ (Camel Meat) and if you have any issues with their ‘Arabic Menu’ don’t be afraid to use the pictures in this post. It’s a bit of a drive to get here but I promise it will be worth it.

P.S – They have something called ‘Yogurt Tikka’ too so you might want to give that a try!


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