Outstanding Hyderabadi Biryanis at ‘Rummaan Restaurant’ – Dammam Seiko

A well known and famous Hyderabadi staple is their legendary ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ and there is no shortage of Hyderabadi Restaurants in Dammam & Khobar that purport to serve the best of Hyderabad. There is no way around this than visiting these restaurants to try it out for myself.

Out of all the restaurants that I have tried in search of the best ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’, ‘Rummaan Restaurant’ in the Dammam Seiko area comes out on top.

This is what we usually order when we visit ‘Rummaan”

1. ‘Chicken Biryani’ – SR. 15 (Prices may vary)
2. ‘Mutton Biryani’ – SR. 20 (Prices may vary)
3. ‘Talawa Gosht’ – SR. 10
4. ‘Chicken 65’ – SR. 8

Both the Biryanis are exceptional in terms of the spices the use, the quantity and how well the chicken has soaked in the marinade. I love how fluffy the rice and out of the two I prefer the chicken more than the mutton. The portions are quite substantial and if you don’t receive enough pieces of meat, make sure to let them know and they might just give you a few extras.

The ‘Talawa Gosht’ is a great combination with their in-house rotis and I love how flavourful this is though the meat is usually a little tough. With the right cut of meat, this would be one of their best dishes.

There is nothing great about the ‘Chicken 65’ and it’s just ok. Also there is definitely some food colouring involved since it leaves a stain on your fingers.

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Don’t expect good service though, they definitely need to work on that!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/LY9ncHGP8oDxqWvcA

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