Dining at ‘Pikniq’ in Patio Mall – Al Khobar

It’s hard to keep count on the number of strip malls and eateries that are opening up in Khobar and I gave up trying to keep up a long time ago. Patio Mall is one such venue that hosts a numbe of restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating and dining and I was quite impressed at how cozy and refreshing this place was.

We decided to try out ‘Pikniq‘ (@PikniqKSA) since I had just gotten paid and this would be the only time I would have any money on me. There is a huge menu board on display outside which is ideal if you would like to know how much a restaurant would set you back by and we had already decided what we were going to order even before we were seated.

1. ‘Truffle Pasta’ – SR. 99
2. ‘Lime Chicken Linguine’ – SR. 64
3. ‘Shrimp Tempura Cocktail’ – SR. 49
4. ‘Truffle Fries’ – SR. 25
5. ‘The Pikniq Effect’ – SR. 38 (Cocktail)
6. ‘Tropical Island’ – SR. 31 (Cocktail)

You won’t find any truffle in the ‘Truffle Pasta’ and I am guessing they went with Truffle Oil and cream to tone it down since the oil can be quite pungent. There is nothing wrong with how it tastes and I loved how creamy it was, but it is definitely not worth that price. I made sure to point it out and I can confirm that the only other pieces I found were finely diced mushrooms.

The ‘Lime Chicken Linguine’ is quite zesty and seasoned quite well. For the price it is a great deal and you can ask them to add more parmesan for a bit of depth. I loved the chicken croquettes and the creamy lemony sauce combination.

Not the most authentic Tempura but this was mouth-watering and crispy and paired with their sauce, this makes for a great starter. You get about 5 pieces and I would have loved a few more. Definitely something that you must order while you are here.

The ‘Truffle Fries’ again using Truffle oil as it’s main base and the fries could have been a bit crunchier. The sauce they serve along with the fries is an absolute winner and we wiped that out clean halfway through the fries. The portion is quite generous though and could quite easily fill you up.

Sipping on some ‘Tropical Island’

The cocktails are worth trying here with the ‘Pikniq Effect’ being my absolute favourite. Kale is one of the prominent ingredients in this drink and you will find it topped with chia seeds. The ‘Tropical Island’ too is refreshing, bubbly and sweet.

I would like to thank “Andrew’ @doceandrew for being great fun and also for the exceptional service rendered. Don’t forget to ask for him when you visit ‘Pikniq’.

Location: https://g.page/pikniq?share

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