Kozhikode’s Best South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant – ‘Suprabatham The Veg’

“Surely, this has to be one of the best South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Kozhikode?”

This isn’t my first visit to ‘Suprabatham’ and won”t certainly be my last considering the quality of food that is served here. Breakfast is usually the busiest time of the day and I would recommed skipping out on the weekend to avoid the crowds.

You’ll notice that they have a separate counter setup for their ‘Filter Coffee’ and that should convince you that the coffee here is outstanding.

We ordered the usual suspects,

1. Vada [ 1 set ] – ₹38.10
2. Butter Mysore Masala Dosa – ₹119.05
3. Poori Masala Set – ₹76.19
4. Filter Coffee – ₹19.05

I wouldn’t call the Vada exceptional but it tasted good. I prefer mine to be a little crispy on the exterior and the best part is it isn’t too oily either. This comes with a side of 3 different chutneys and sambhar and is good value for money.

The ‘Butter Mysore Masala Dosa’ takes the crown for being an exceptionally good variant of the masala dosa. It is golden crisp, with the masala packing some heat and slightly different from the standard masala. You will find a tiny dollop of butter on top and I must say you can taste that in the dosa too. The sambhar is really good and really brings out the amazing flavours of the dosa. Make sure to order this when you visit because it packs a lot more flavour than the standard Masala Dosa.

The ‘Poori Masala Set’ might have been a bit too much for me but I really love a good poori. This comes served with coconut chutney and a side of baji and the best way to enjoy this is to combine all of them for a delicious bite. The Baji was a little low on salt but the chutney compensated for the lack of it.

There are no words to describe how good their ‘Filter Coffee’ is. It is sharp, potent and not too overpowering at the same time. It would be hard pressed to settle for just one cup which is why I decided to get 2. Don’t miss out on the coffee when you visit ‘Suprabatham’.

Location: ‘Suprabatham The Veg
Kozhikode Beach
+91 79943 42481

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