I have lived in Saudi long enough to try different varieties of Mandi, both meat and chicken and the one mandi that I always fall back on is the irresistible “Mandi Waleema” (SR.105) from “Qateef Hospitality Palace”. No other place has gotten close to perfecting the meat & rice combination like they have.

22122017 033

A lil’ away from both Dammam & Khobar, the travel is worth every penny and more. The Waleema is served during celebrations.

The meat is slow cooked in local spices and served on a bed of fluffy basmati rice, a match made in Food Heaven. The meat is soft to the touch and melts away and forms a mouthwatering combination with rice especially after you mix in the fat from the lamb. Coupled with the fried onions & raisins that they scatter on top and the spicy tomato chutney, there is nothing more heavenly than this Mandi.

22122017 032

My mates and I have visited this place countless times and we make the monthly pilgrimage to Qatif to enjoy the best of what this place has to offer.

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Location: Qatif Hospitality Palace

Eastern Region، Al Badia, Al Qatif 32656

054 707 5194


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