Shrimp, Crabs, Lobster and Everything Seafood at ‘Shrimp Nation’ – Dammam & Khobar

Over the last 2-3 years there has been a surge of restaurants opening up that serve up ‘Seafood Boil’. Seafood like Shrimp, Crab and Lobster are cooked in large oven bags packed with a spicy rub mix and leftover veggies, in this case ‘Corn’ and left to stew. From Shrimp Anatomy to Shrimpail and Pound of Prawns, they serve the same style of ‘Seafood Boil’ with their own unique sauces. 

Shrimp, Crabs, Lobster, Mussels and Corn stuffed into a Boil Bag.

@shrimpnations has been operating in the Eastern Province for quite some time and it was only recently that I decided to visit them, thanks to the wifey begging I treat her to some of her favourite crustaceans ’Shrimp’. It wasn’t too busy when we stopped by the Corniche branch in Dammam and we got down to the serious business of placing our order.

The Seafood Boil Mix comes with a whole ‘Lobster’

We ordered the 

  1. Mix Seafood’ with the ‘Shrimp Nation’ sauce – SR. 183
  2. Fish Basket – SR. 40
  3. 2 X White Rice – SR. 8 per portion

The food doesn’t take too long and we were handed gloves and a plastic apron since this was going to get messy. The smell of cooked seafood and spices wafted out of the bag and we dived in.

The sauce had a bit too much salt for my liking but once mixed with the rice, it made it a whole lot better. The crabs had soaked up all the wonderful flavour from the sauces and the shrimps were inviting. It took a bit of patience to de-shell the shrimp but it was all worth it. The lobster was a bit of a disappointment since you couldn’t really taste the meat. The mussels too packed a lot of flavour and I had to make sure the wife wasn’t stealing my share since it happens to be a favourite of hers. Overall a very satisfying meal but they should go easy on the salt. 

‘Fish Basket’

The Fish Basket had tender cuts of fish fillet that were deep fried with a thin layer of batter that really retained the taste of the fish. Coupled with the Tartar sauce, this is a definite must buy when you visit @shrimpnations.

Have you visited them yet? How was your experience?


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